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Are you curious to know what your children are learning, chanting & singing at Bala Vihar? Explore here for Prayers, Bhajans, Mantras, Aartis, Geeta chanting and so on.


Daily Prayers in English & Sanskrit with meanings.


Our latest Bhajan Book with cover page designed by a Bala Vihar student. You can purchase this book at the ashram.


Bhagavad Geeta Chanting chapter 15 - "Yoga of the supreme spirit"

In this chapter Bhagavan Shri Krishna discusses the nature of spirit in all its implications. It is one of the rarest pieces of literature available in the world. With beauty and brevity it directly indicates the infinite.

Lord Krishna assures, "he who without confusions knows Me as Person Supreme, knows all". He extols this theme that gives liberation to man from all his sorrows, agitations and restlessness. The lord affirms that through this most secret teaching, the man gains wisdom and fulfills his highest duty, Dharma.

- audio CD by Swami Brahmananda available at the Ashram

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  • Gita Supersite - Great resources for adults including Bhagvad Geeta audio from our own Swami Brahmananda and meanings by Gurudev and Guruji
Audio for Bhajans, Mantras & Chants