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Celebrate Your Special Day With Us

Celebrate your special day in a special way with us. Invite your family and friends and be a yajman at the Shiv Puja every Monday at 7:30pm or at the Hanuman Chalisa chanting / satsang on the 1st Saturday every month from 4pm to 6pm. For your next Birthday, Wedding Annivarsary, Graduation, Special Moment or just to revel in pure devotion, please book your dates early, call Neena Dev at 416-445-3324

Shiv Pooja

Every Monday Evening
7:30pm - 9.00 pm
Chinmaya Shivalaya

Guideline / What is involve?

Hanuman Chalisa

1st Saturday of the month
4:00pm - 6:00 pm at Chinmaya Shivalaya

Hanuman Chalisa is a very well known prayerful glorification of Sri Hanumanji. It is called Chalisa because it has forty verses in Chaupai form. This stuti has been written by Goswami Tulsidas of Sri Ramcharitmanasa fame. Invoking the grace of Hanumanji paves the way for being blessed by strength, loving and inspired service, fearlessness, devotion, and finally the darshan of God and the blessing of Self-Knowledge. 

Guideline / What is involve?

Guidelines for Hosts Sponsoring Events at the Ashram


For the Altar

  • Prasad – Sweets and Fruit
  • Flowers (these can be bought for you but you have to pay the charges)
  • Mala (optional for Hanuman Chalisa but required for Poojas)
  • Tea Candles (12)
  • Dakshina (Donation)

For the Refreshments or Meals

  • Whatever you would like to serve
  • Set up prior to the event – Tables from the furnace room
  • Dishes if you would like to serve in your own
  • Chafing dishes and coffee percolator are available in the store room, but should be set up before the event
  • Plates, paper napkins, cutlery and garbage bags

After the event – this is your Ashram, so pls do whatever you do at home after any event.

  • Please arrange a clean up crew in advance.
  • All Ashram items used from the store to be put back.
  • Tables dismantled and put back in the furnace room
  • All rooms in the main Area(where food is served or eaten) and Kitchen to be cleaned – floors included.
  • All Ashram dishes washed and put away.
  • Tea or coffee percolators should also be washed and put back in the store room.
  • The Altar room to be vacuumed if messy.
  • Cushions etc, to be put away.
  • Garbage should be taken away from the ashram after the clean up.